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This On-line presence thing.

Welcome to this, my second blog post.

I confess that this is all rather new to me: the importance of making myself known online.  It’s a wonderful and exciting concept, this ability to share your ideas and talents with the world. Since I’ve up-ed my on-line presence, I have got to ‘meet’ some very interesting and inspiring people, especially on professional platforms such as LinkedIn. I have reconnected with colleagues from my  music college days and been introduced to like minded people from all over the world.

Now I’m not a young twenty something starting out. I’ve been in the music business for thirty years plus and it’s been hard. I’ve hated having to pick up the phone and insisting on speaking with the correct person. Even worse, the consistent nagging to get an audition or for my music to be heard. Internet allows me to make these contacts without the physical intervention and therefore, I think there is less fear in making that move or even more importantly, it is less upsetting, less personal, when receiving rejections.

When you graduate from music college you’re supposed to be prepared. You’ve studied technique, languages, music theory, history, stage craft and so on….                                                                                                      But I was never taught how to sell myself.  I have been lucky, persistent and so thankful for anything that I’ve been able to achieve.

Now this new generation of singers have it so sussed: a webpage, blog, Instagram, Youtube channel, hashtags, keywords….. you name it and they’re there (I’m getting there, finally!). What wonderful promotion.

But here comes the downer. How much time in a day should you be dedicating to writing posts, taking or uploading photos, liking and commenting? It’s time consuming! And couldn’t we be spending more of that time practicing together or doing some music research? Are our performing standards dropping because of this social networking craze? It’s a catch twenty two situation.

Like everything in life, it’s finding that middle ground and I think, not losing touch with what’s real. People still need physical contact and music is all about humanity. So, if you link with someone on-line, try to get out there and meet them. If you ‘like’ a concert performance or a recording, try to go and see it or buy the music. Yes, it’s a global world and not always possible, but what a difference it would make not only to filling the concert halls and theatres but also to the economy.

And so I’ll sum up my blog by saying thank you for noticing me. Thank you to the search engine that may have guided you here or for the like from a friend of a friend on Instagram. Thank you for taking time to read this and hey, if you know of anyone who needs a soprano…. But most importantly, coffee anyone?

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