Lynette Carveth
Lynette Carveth clasical music singer

Lynette Carveth

Born in Truro, in the UK, I was fortunate to have grown up in an environment rich in music and theatre. I attended the Royal Academy of Music in London, obtaining an honours degree in Voice and Piano. I then completed my studies under the teaching of Dennis Wicks, Joy Mammen, and Daniel Muñoz.

Soon after graduating, I moved to Spain, where I continue to live and work today.

Working with fringe opera companies has always been a pleasure to me, enjoying the closeness of the audience and the comradery among the cast members. These companies include Duchy, Cornwall, Benenden, and Kentish Opera, as well as Transbaroque, Zenobia, Iberlirica, and Moncloa in Spain. I’ve performed principal roles ranging from the baroque: Charpentier’s ‘Le Malade Imaginaire’, Dido in Purcell’s ‘Dido and Aeneas’, Classical roles such as the Countess in ‘the Marriage of Figaro’ to Romantic roles such as Nedda in ‘I Pagliacci’, Mimi in ‘La Boheme’, ‘Madame Butterfly’, and ‘La Traviata’s’ Flora.

My story

For twelve years, I was a regular member of the Teatro Real Chorus, performing in more than twenty productions there.

As well as opera, I hold a love for the Spanish operetta, zarzuela. I have performed in several productions in the Madrid Palace Garden’s (the Sabatini) with Opera Comica and played The Duchess in performances of ‘Assassination in the Museum of Zarzuela’ by Angel Walter.

In 2004 I formed my own company, Caprici Arte y Música, writing, directing, and producing fully staged comedies incorporating ballet, opera, and instrumental classics. Three of these works were chosen by the Madrid Theatre Circuit for their programming. The most popular of these, ’ Secrets and Serenades’, also played a season in the Victoria Theatre in Madrid and has been contracted for corporate events and fundraisers.

I feel equally at home on the concert stage, performing such works as ‘The Creation’ in the National Auditorium and ‘The Messiah’ in Madrid with the Saint George’s Orchestra and Singers, and also Faure’s Requiem and ‘Poulenc’s Gloria’ in the Cathedral of Algiers with the French Cultural Association, Vend du Sud.

As a member of the Spanish Association of Orchestral Composers, I regularly perform in concerts of contemporary music and have had the privilege of premiering several works, some written specifically for me, by distinguished composers such as Francisco Otero, Jose Luis Greco, and Alejandro Yagüe. 

I have given recitals of Contemporary music in academic institutions such as the University of Granada, Madrid’s ICADE, the California Riverside University, and the Conservatorio Superior de Madrid. In 2015, supported by the SGAE Foundation, myself with the pianist Nelson Ojeda toured the USA with the programme ‘ Songs of New Spain’.

Adding to my diversity, I have recorded several tracks in the style of easy listening/ electronic, with the Italian musician Andrea Soru.

For this season, I am preparing a series of programmes of 19th and 20th Century songs with French pianist Laurence Verna. These programmes focus on Spanish composers living in Britain and France during this period and include a number of little known works by women composers.

More recently, I have been developing my presence as an actor and have been contracted for advertisements, promotional videos, and voice-overs.


Lynette Carveth opera singer
Lynette Carveth clasical music singer
Lynette Carveth opera singer

In my last year at music college, I attended a masterclass given by the great soprano Dame Joan Hammond. She was around the age of 77 at the time and performed an immaculate interpretation of ‘Un bel di vedremo’ from Puccini’s Madam Butterfly. We were spellbound. When asked how she was able to continue singing at her age, her reply was simple: ‘Because I continue singing!’
This to me, summed up everything that singing represents. It is a necessary part of our wellbeing, completeness, and our health, both mental and physical is enriched by it.

In other words, music keeps us young and music itself is ageless. It is this never-ending journey of discovery that has become the essence of my professional career. I have experienced the thrill of performing a work for the very first time, the being part of something new (or reviving something old) and have had the tremendous privilege of working with composers and musicologists from all over the world.

I have been praised for my versatility and diverse style, having distinguished myself as a singer capable of undertaking a variety of challenging roles and genres. Whether performing opera or singing jazz, musicals or contemporary, I always strive for a fresh and sincere interpretation whilst maintaining a respect for the essence and demands of the composition.

– I just love this quote from the guitarist Chet Atkins:

´When I was a little boy, I told my dad: “When I grow up, I want to be a musician.”

My dad said: “You can’t do both, Son.”

So true! –


I have to mention the singers were of an excellent level (Lynette Carveth among the best), well received by all, the audience very generous In their applause.’

Lynette Carveth on press
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‘The voice of Lynette Carveth, one of great quality, performed the arias of Musetta by Puccini and that of Summertime very well, despite being two differing styles….a great voice which was well received by an enthusiastic audience’.

Lynette Carveth on press
Lynette Carveth on press


‘Lynette Carveth’s clear soprano voice floated around the vast space (Truro Cathedral) and received prolongued and well deserved applause. In the gentler roles of the dying Mimi and Massenet’s Manon, Lynette’s singing and presentation were particularly engaging’.

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